Liturgical Ministry


Our mass is a celebration, a weekly and daily celebration. There are many ways in which you can actively participate in this celebration:


  • Acolyte - An Acolyte is the Master of Ceremonies in our St. James Community and assists the Priest and Deacon(s) during mass, along with guiding any altar servers that are present.                                


  • Altar Server—It is a wonderful way for our children, 5th grade and higher, to truly be a part of mass and feel they are making a difference.


  • Eucharistic Minister—As a Eucharistic Minister you become the hands of Christ sharing His body and blood, the one nourishment that we all need to get through our day and our week.  Your voice, as you say the precious reminder, “The body of Christ or the blood of Christ”, echoes in our hearts and reminds us of the sacrifice and the strength we receive from Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  • Lector—As a Lector your voice becomes the voice of Christ. Just as He taught the parables and captured the attention of all those listening, so will you. You do not just “read” the scripture. You do not just “say” the words printed on the page. You proclaim His words. Your voice echoes Christ’s voice in our ears, in our hearts and in our minds. As a Lector, you will fill us with the word, or words, of strength and guidance we need for that day and that week.   


  • Ministers of Hospitality -As a Minister of Hospitality you play a key role in how others see and experience Christ. You truly become the face and hands of Christ, opening His home to all those who enter.  To welcome others to mass and then to see them off as they begin their week is truly a gift of yourself.  To commit to making another person feel part of our community each weekend is again, a gift of yourself.  Even parishioners who have been members of St. James for years and years feel more like a family when another takes just a moment to say “Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening.”  And it makes the days ahead even better with the simple wishes of “It was good to see you. Have a good week.  Or enjoy the day”