St. James Church

Beloved Son's Ministry for Men


Consistently reach out to all men of our faith community in a caring way.

Gather the men periodically for a Fellowship Gathering.

Invite men to participate in the life of our community of faith.

Promote, affirm and support men's effort to  live and grow in the way and teachings of  Jesus Christ.


Dear Brothers of the Lord,

What does it mean to be a man?  How can you become the best version of the man that God created you to be?  In what ways can you shape that unique image, embracing who you are and reflecting it to others; your spouse, your children, your family, your colleagues and your friends?

Big questions aren’t they?  

All men struggle with these questions. 

     We believe that we are created for greatness, made in the image of God the Father.  Our ministry with men will help you look at this belief and these questions in the context of your own personal faith journey.  We will help you reflect on them, and assist you as you try to integrate them into your daily life.  Living on a deeper level will have a tremendous impact in all of your relationships.  As life issues come up, knowing there are others to guide and support you makes your journey a lot easier and more fulfilling.  If you stand alone, you’ll probably not be able to look at these issues objectively or address them at a deeper level.  You’ll remain on the surface of all your relationships.  Life wants to give you so much more.

      There are not many groups of men who are willing to deal with the serious issues of life that men need to deal with.  Our Ministry with Men wants to be that group for you and will guide you along the journey that is your life, so that you can become the man you were created to be—the best version of yourself. 

     You’ll be hearing from us from time-to-time to help you, guide you, and get you thinking, perhaps, a little differently.  We’ll invite you to share who you are and show you some practical ways to help your faith become more real.  You’ll be invited to take this journey at your own pace in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere.

So, through the years, we’ll consistently communicate with you and periodically invite you to join with other men to reflect on men’s issues.  These include:

  • Discussing and dealing with the anxiety and fear that come   with the transitions in your life
  • How to grow out of boyish attitudes and behaviors and grow into a fully mature and vital man
  • Men’s spirituality and sexuality
  • Everyday stresses of life and various life-giving coping skills
  • Embracing emotional hurt, loss, and sickness through the eyes of faith
  • Integrating gospel values in your life in practical ways   


Your Brother’s in Christ: 

Beloved Son Men’s Ministry Team Leaders:

Bob Carriero

Mike Curran

Tom Gilberti

Jeff Noccioli

Jim Travers