Here is some feedback regarding this year’s weekend retreat at the Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT, held in early November.

Jim Travers

"Just spent a reinvigorating and reflective weekend at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford. This years theme , the Light of Simplicity, couldn't have come at a better time. Food for thought, body, mind and soul. Gave me a chance to ratchet back a bit before moving forward. Even though we were only an hour from home, it felt light years away. Highly (pun intended) recommended."

Chad Betz

"Last year when I was asked to attend a retreat at the Holy Family Retreat Center, I was not sure what to expect. This year marks the second retreat I’ve attended. The thought provoking workshops, the moving opportunities for worship and the fellowship between the attendees made the weekend very rewarding. Even though this was only my second time going to the retreat, I looked forward to it for weeks. I learned a lot, broke bread with some great people and recharged myself. I was so moved by this retreat that I am going to go to day retreats during the year. I am grateful for being introduced to the retreat and plan on attending more annual retreats in the future."

Walt Cichocki

"The 'light of simplicity' Weekend

The Holy Family Retreat experience, once again, was significantly Awesome.

It's all about getting closer to our Big Guy - getting some 'Simple' help so we don't take our eyes off Him and respond negatively (get complicated) when some difficulty hits us.

There were (3) 'Simple' take aways, on how the weekend helped me stay in practice with my hope in God. They were:

1) pray - remember to ask God for His help.

2) - give thanks - especially in our tough times so we may see the silver lining in our difficulty, that God will use for our good.

3) trust - not worry, believe it's in God's control.

BLESSINGS on making it simple!"

Dave Zamachaj

"Being at a retreat weekend at Holy Family allows me to ‘recharge’ my spiritual batteries. I am with many other men who believe, like I do, that our faith is important. That support alone would be enough to get me to go. But combine that with the wisdom that the retreat team gives us every year and it is an unbeatable combination – one that I make every effort to take part in every year.

This year’s theme especially hit home because, at least for me, life have been getting more and more complicated. The retreat team gave me some valuable ideas on how to get to the core of my faith (essentially making it simpler) and also some practical ideas on how to handle the complicated life which now