Ministry With Married Couples

Leadership Team

Denie & Dee Stemmle:                                                            Jim & Patti Pavia:   

Married 46 years, four children, five                                       Married 18 years, four children 

grandchildren                                                                        Responsibilities: reservations, facilities

Responsibilities:  Newsletter,                                               finance

Fellowship content                                                               Jim Strengths: Achiever, Deliberative,

Denis strengths: Ideation, strategic,                                 Context, Strategic, Learner

relator, achiever, analytical.                                               Patti Strengths: Belief, Responsibility,

Dee strengths:  Achiever, input,                                        Developer, Harmony, Relator

individ, relator, responsibility           



Susan & Curt Krushinsky:                                                      Patrick & Diane Brennan: 

Married 17 years, 2 children                                                     Married 27 years, 2 children

Responsibilities:  Publicity, website, facebook                      Responsibilities:  Small Group                                                                                                                organization & resources

Curt strengths:  Analytical, restore, develop,                        Patrick's strengths: Arranger, Empathy, empathy, includer                                                                       Relator, Maximizer, Strategic  

Susan strengths:  Belief, responsible, empathy,                 Diane's strengths:  Consistency, Woo,

connect, develop                                                                     Connectedness, Harmony, Communication


Edward and Marinet Perez:                                              Alex and Jess Zamachaj:

Married 24 years, 2 children.                                             Married 3 years, 1 child

Edward’s Strengths: Belief, Responsibility,                     Alex’s Strengths:  Adaptability,

Adaptability, Harmony, Communication                           Connectedness, Maximizer, Input,

Marinet’s Strengths:  Arranger, Developer,                     Strategic

Empathy, Includer, Harmony                                            Jess’s Strengths:  Achiever, Arranger,

                                                                                                 Responsibility, Adaptability, Relator