St. James Parish

Ministry With Married Couples

Our team creates and sends newsletters to the 1500 married couples registered at St. James Parish every other month.  If you want to add your name to our mailing list, please contact Marcy Kelly at the St. James Parish Center.

2012 Newsletters

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•  December 2012

 Remember to keep your focus on each other during this Advent Season.  Mark your calendars: January 12, 2013 - St. James Parish Celebration of Marriage.  

•  September 2012

 The Divorcee's Guide: Dr. Terri Orbuch, psychologist and author of the new book "Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship"

•  March 2012

Doing Elmer Gantry for Lent, A Lenten Parable - the Prairie Chicken, invitations to Evening for Married Couples, and Small Group Information evening.

•  January 2012

Is Generosity Better than Sex?, Fear of Disclosure, We’re the Minority, and Introducing Small Group Resources – Date Nights

                      2011 Newsletters

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•   October 2011

Articles:  “Putting the Honey back into Honey I’m Home,” and “How Awareness of our Stress Levels Led to a Major Re-Evaluation,” and “The Eight Cow Wife.”

  September 2011 

Articles:  “Snapshots from a Family Vacation.”, and “Quickie Tips for Dealing with Stress in Your Marriage.”

•   June 2011

Articles:  “Managing Stress in our Relationship”, and “Making Lasting things the Main Thing,” and “Bending the Golden Rule.”

•    March 2011 

Summary of Second Evening for Married Couples, plus Article: “A Lenten Parable.”


                          2010 Newsletters

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•   May 2010 

Introduction to the ministry, article on date nights, and discussion questions “Getting to Know You”

•   July 2010

Introduction of theme of finding time for each other, and article “Welcome to Happily Ever After.”

•   September 2010

 Invitation to first Evening for Married Couples with the theme of “Making the most of our time together,” and article on “Ways to find time for each other.”

•   November 2010

Summary of Evening for Married Couples, plus articles on “Top Ten Couple Communication Skills”, and “Tracing Your Reactions.”