Sacramental Preparation

To provide parishioners with instruction that will prepare them for reception of the sacraments of the Catholic Church.


           Children (Birth-7)

 Infants - After the birth of the child, parents should contact the Parish Center to set a date for baptism and pre-baptism parent meeting. Baptisms are held once a month in the church on a Sunday afternoon, at week-end Eucharist, or in a private service. Other requirements will be explained upon registering. 

 Children (7-13) - Individual instruction will be provided by a catechist to prepare the child for baptism.  The baptism will be preformed at a week-end Eucharist, or at monthly scheduled communal service. 

Adults – Anyone over the age of 18 may prepare to receive the initiation sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation by participating in the RCIA program. The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a program designed for adults. Sacraments will be received at the Easter Vigil. Individualized instruction is also an option for preparation if scheduling is a problem.


     Eucharist and Reconciliation

 Children (7-13) Diocesan requirements demand two years of regular attendance in religious education prior to reception of these sacraments. Children are also required to participate in an additional program (six sessions) focusing on the two sacraments. The program is offered in the second grade.  Older children may attend this program or receive individualized instruction.

  Youth (14-18) Individualized instruction is available by a catechist to prepare youth for reception of both Eucharist and Reconciliation.



 Youth (14-18) Confirmation classes are offered to anyone in high school wishing to be confirmed in the Catholic Faith. Classes begin in January. Confirmation is usually administered by the Bishop in May.

 Adults Anyone over the age of 18 who has not been confirmed may attend Faith For Today to fulfill the catechetical requirements. They will be confirmed with the Youth or in May.  A diocesan program is also offered for adults int he Spring.